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If only

Feeling the almost uncontrollable urge to make one or both of these my facebook status right now:  Matt Walsh. What a bozo. I can’t wait for the day Elder’s Quroum has an activity called “Kings of Clean! : Cleaning Tips … Continue reading

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“We just want to feel like we have a fighting chance”

Here’s the back of my head at the Senate hearing last night regarding LGBT discriminiation in Utah. It was really good. Everybody gave wonderful speeches. Even Lt. Governor Cox was touched.

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freaking out because it makes no sense

Hey “The Church”– WHY IN THE WORLD IS IT SO HARD TO JUST TALK ABOUT HEAVENLY MOTHER?! WHY. You’d rather just keep leaving the whole gaping open with correlated passages like: Latter-day Saints see all people as children of God … Continue reading

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new favorite tumblr

BOY’S CLUBS BONUS: Ghetto Hikes. Personal guilty pleasure. Hilarious. You can also follow it on twitter if that is more your style.  

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One reason I would be a bad missionary.

Today an acquaintance told me (via facebook message) how I need to check myself. How I need to stop being so critical of the church publicly and, if I really DO have any semblance of a testimony I should post … Continue reading

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Twisted Irony

today I found out that all city housing authorities unexpectedly lost ALL money for HOPWA housing vouchers. Last week.  HOPWA stands for Housing Opportunities for Persons with Aids.  You want to know what THAT means?! starting in March untold thousands … Continue reading

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“You can tell how smart someone is by what they laugh at”-Tina Fey

I’m pretty much over seeing so many people post this story along with variations of the comment “LOL! THIS IS HILARIOUS. WHAT AN IDIOT.” There is nothing funny about that. At least not that I can see.

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