I HATE HATE HATE. when I will post something on Facebook or a blog, and then am answered with a copy and paste from a general conference talk.

Oh you wanna play that game, queen of passive aggressive? I bet you a million dollars I can find a general conference quote that contradicts the one you posted. Or if you want to make things even more challenging, I’ll wager that I can find a contradictory quote for anything you throw at me from Joseph Smith alone.

Oh and also, what do you expect me to say when I read that? “Oh! What! I never considered that before! It happened when I was taking a bathroom break last October during the morning session, (I know, I know…should have saved it for a woman’s talk) but now that you have copied and pasted it to my wall, it ALL MAKES SENSE! The personal struggle that I opened up to you about that I have been dealing with for years and years…somehow it simply VANISHED when you posted those three paragraphs. Amazing. Incredible. You’ve saved me from myself.




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