A farewell post!

Oh heeeey, 

Just so you all know, I’m not really doing anything with this blog anymore. I might come back, or maybe not. Who knows. 

Mostly I just don’t feel like I need to vent that much anymore. Thicker skin maybe. Crap happens all the time on the Facebook and at church and in life, but I guess I’ve just been rolling with the punches more successfully? I dunno. It makes for a much more peaceful life…albeit a much more boring blog. 

HOWEVER, I have recently dived right into Tumblr! And I really quite enjoy it. I can blog all the gifs my heart desires. Mostly it’s a bunch of The Walking Dead fandom stuff (GREAT SHOW), pictures of babies, pictures of flowers, and quotes. You can find it here: http://annettie-spaghetti.tumblr.com

Also I’ll be blogging more at Zelophehad’s Daughters as well. So keep reading that. 

Over and out. 

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