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today I discovered that both my representatives in state congress are women. And democrats.

Whoa. What a pleasant surprise!

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No no…I’m not a feminist.

I have this acquaintance. She was in my ward for a while…she sung in the same choir as my husband for a while.

Anyway. She has this thing about Mormon feminists. They REALLY bother her. Usually she’s pretty cool about it though and doesn’t get TOO mean to me and a few other out Mormon Feminists she seems to have the misfortune of knowing on a personal level.

Lately though her strategy has moved from addressing things directly to writing general blog posts to get us all with one stone I guess.

I will paraphrase briefly how these blog posts of hers go:

“I have some friends who are feminists. I’m not trying to start a debate about this, but I just want to get it out there. I respect my feminist friend’s beliefs and I understand where they are coming from.

But I’m not a feminist because I actually respect God and I actually have a testimony of the Gospel. And I am actually righteous and I actually try to repent and I actually read my scriptures everyday like we have been told our whole lives. Oh, and I actually love my husband and we actually have a good relationship. Unlike my feminist friends, I haven’t been morphed my the evils of the world and I don’t have summer home in Babylon. I’m not a feminist because I am actually a good mother to my baby.

The church isn’t a place to push your political beliefs. So I wish my feminist friends would stop trying to make a feminist and would just be like I think women should be. 🙂 <3”

So…yeah…I can feel your respect and understanding through the computer screen! There is not really anything to do–you can’t properly rebuttal that because every single sentence is unspeakably offensive…so we just sit there and take wait for the next one. So that’s kind of hard.

Funny story–this friend once saw me and Spouseman at a reunion for the choir they sang in together. And she just walked up to me during it while he was catching up with some of his other friends and asked if I ever feel guilty for leading him down a path contrary to the gospel and changing him from “good, wholesome, righteous” person she once knew and who even she was interested in dating at one time…to a person who is tolerant of feminist ideas in his own house.

I just stood there clutching my mint brownie and fruit punch in shock. Because how do you respond to something like that when you assumed when she came up she would ask…like…”How are you?” or something?

I remember stammering something like “I…I…I found him like that?” and then she said something like “No you didn’t. I would have known because I sang with him and didn’t get those kinds of negative feelings from him.” and then left!

It’s weird stuff. BUT, I appreciate that is direct about things at least. I’ll take that over overwhelming passive aggression any day.

I think.

I dunno.

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How many men does it take to excommunicate a woman?

I highly recommend listening to the Feminist Mormon Housewives podcast episode about Church Discipline at your next possible convenience.

Important stuff. Disturbing stuff….but important stuff.

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I’m a grown woman

After this, I promise not to post about Beyonce for at least a few days.

But I just have a new jam, I want everyone to hear it!

turn this up and sing it as loud as you can while you are driving. Make sure your windows are down for the full effect.

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Matt Walsh Follow-Up

Matt Walsh wrote a post about how Beyonce is a bad role model!!!!

Which I mean…I guess it’s fine to have issues with her lyrics. They can be pretty graphic at times. But maaaaaan. They’re also really good! And it’s clear she and Jay-Z like each other verrrry much. (If you know what I mean. Which you probably know exactly what I mean. But, they are are married after all. And what is the big deal about a little consensual bow-chicka-bow-wow with your spouse?!)

Anyway. That is beside the point.

All I really wanted to say was…I can’t wait for the whatismattwalshwrongabouttoday post about it!!!!!!! I hope it’s good!!!!!

Wanna know how much Beyonce probably cares about what Matt Walsh thinks?

(the same amount the rest of us care what Matt Walsh thinks)

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If only

Feeling the almost uncontrollable urge to make one or both of these my facebook status right now:

  1.  Matt Walsh. What a bozo.
  2. I can’t wait for the day Elder’s Quroum has an activity called “Kings of Clean! : Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Household.”



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